Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why You Hatin?

Often we find ourselves being so consumed with others, what they are doing or what they have; while God has something WONDERFUL planned for each and everyone of us.  If we spend our time focusing on what others have and what we don't have, we may miss what God has for us.  And beloved what God has for you is absolutely awesome.  Its time to change our thinking and begin a pursuit to find out the plans that God for us.  God has wonderful plans for us, they are outlined for us in Jeremiah 29:11.  He has plans for us to prosper and succeed.  I have been blessed as God revealed to me through the Bible, many characters allowing their hatred to lead them down the wrong road.  Please take a journey with me through the Bible as I highlight stories that show us how our jealousy, pride and envy stop us from being all that we can be in Jesus Christ.  Maybe you have been on the giving or the receiving in of hatin', lets begin a path toward healing and restoration.  Order this book today.