Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Help the Hurting!!!!!

I received the most disturbing news, a woman in Dallas, Texas, lost everything that she owned in a fire. She had no insurance, so she and her family have to start all over again.  I have never met this woman, I don't anything about her other than the total despair she must be feeling.  And with that in mind, my heart goes out to her.  I am scheduled to speak near Dallas on next month, so I will be taking relief to her and her family.  Won't you join me to help the hurting?  Even the smallest contibution makes a remarkable difference when you have lost everything.  Please go to the link below and make a one time donation to this hurting family.!agape-membership/vstc1=one-time-donation

I am reminded of the many times in the Bible when Jesus would see someone sick, lame or hungry, the Bible said He was filled with compassion.  When ever Jesus was filled with compassion, He took action, He healed and ministered to their needs.  Let's be filled with compassion today and meet the needs of the hurting, thereby showing the wonderful love of Jesus. Come on, lets "help the hurting".

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

First Foreign Missionary Trip: Paris, France

I have several Bible Characters that truly minister to my heart, but one of my favorite Bible Characters is the Apostle Paul.  I love reading the book of Acts, his first encounter with Jesus Christ and his change of focus to follow.  I love reading his many letters and following him on his missionary journies, a powerful man of God.  On last Friday, I was blessed to have my first meeting with the person who will be advising me for my first foreign missionary journey to France.  He shared very valuable information with me at our meeting in order to prepare me for a successful trip, we discussed: transportation, lodging, meals, passport information, safety and scheduling. And we still have a long way to go.  I have began preparing myself for this journey: I am budgeting, to ensure I have the finances for this trip, I am taking French lessons every Friday; I am studying the people, their culture and religion.  I will go to Paris France in the spring of 2013 to serve for one month. As I shared in my last blog, this has been a burning desire since my childhood.  I have chosen France, because it is close to other countries and it provides me an opportunity to share in many other areas. Please remain in prayer for me and with me, as I surrender my will for the will of Christ.  I will make a local trip next month to Dallas, Texas to share the Gospel of Christ.  God has opened so many doors and I am excited to see what He has next.  Please continue to follow my blog and I will share with you my stories and experiences as God uses me for His Glory.  I am thrilled to be in the service of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am an "Original" Star Trek fan, with William Shatner, but it is in the name of Jesus that I go, to seek out new civiliations, in Jesus' name, I boldly go...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Who Will Go?

When I was a child, I had a a tremendous passion for Christ.  I was on fire for Jesus and I desired to do His will with every fiber of my being. I remember working in the church and studying God's Word in my very early years.  I would go on mission trips to orphanages in Mexico with my mother; knock on doors to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Compton, California and share Christ in the prisons with my father.  I also remember at a very young age saying, "Lord, I want to be a missionary in the foreign field, I want to speak on your behalf". This was my heart's desire, I wanted to totally surrender myself in service to Him and go where ever He would send me.  Although, I have given myself to Christ and have continued to serve Him since I was a child.  I never served as a missionary in a foreign country.

I married a wonderful man that also had a burning desire to serve as a missionary.  For 26 years we worked for the Lord in church ministry.  I believed God used us to touch the lives of many people.  But unfortunately life happed in a way I was never prepared for, on February 7th, 2011 my husband took his life.  Leaving me and my daughters with many unanswered questions.  But is in those dark hours that God will bring us to the end of ourselves and cause us to seek Him like never before.  This has been my experience, I have never felt closer to God as I have in this dark period of my life.  I have found myself in Isaiah 6:8,9a "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying: Who should I send, who will go for Us?" I said: "Here I am. Send me".  And He replied: "Go! Tell these people"... Through my life's tragedy and pain, God has drawn me closer to Himself and restored my desire to serve Him life never before.  I am now ready to answer God's very first call on my life.  Please join me as I go for Christ, taking missionary journeys to shre the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I will share with you my heart, my concerns, my joys as I step into uncharted territory.  God is calling me to share in my back yard, down the street, in my State, in other States, Nations and across the world.  Please keep me in your prayers, as I answer the question God asked thousands of years ago, yet it is still ringing in my ears today: "Who Will Go?" My answer is: "Lord, here am I. Send me!"