Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Help the Hurting!!!!!

I received the most disturbing news, a woman in Dallas, Texas, lost everything that she owned in a fire. She had no insurance, so she and her family have to start all over again.  I have never met this woman, I don't anything about her other than the total despair she must be feeling.  And with that in mind, my heart goes out to her.  I am scheduled to speak near Dallas on next month, so I will be taking relief to her and her family.  Won't you join me to help the hurting?  Even the smallest contibution makes a remarkable difference when you have lost everything.  Please go to the link below and make a one time donation to this hurting family.!agape-membership/vstc1=one-time-donation

I am reminded of the many times in the Bible when Jesus would see someone sick, lame or hungry, the Bible said He was filled with compassion.  When ever Jesus was filled with compassion, He took action, He healed and ministered to their needs.  Let's be filled with compassion today and meet the needs of the hurting, thereby showing the wonderful love of Jesus. Come on, lets "help the hurting".

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