Monday, July 2, 2012

Who Will Go?

When I was a child, I had a a tremendous passion for Christ.  I was on fire for Jesus and I desired to do His will with every fiber of my being. I remember working in the church and studying God's Word in my very early years.  I would go on mission trips to orphanages in Mexico with my mother; knock on doors to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets of Compton, California and share Christ in the prisons with my father.  I also remember at a very young age saying, "Lord, I want to be a missionary in the foreign field, I want to speak on your behalf". This was my heart's desire, I wanted to totally surrender myself in service to Him and go where ever He would send me.  Although, I have given myself to Christ and have continued to serve Him since I was a child.  I never served as a missionary in a foreign country.

I married a wonderful man that also had a burning desire to serve as a missionary.  For 26 years we worked for the Lord in church ministry.  I believed God used us to touch the lives of many people.  But unfortunately life happed in a way I was never prepared for, on February 7th, 2011 my husband took his life.  Leaving me and my daughters with many unanswered questions.  But is in those dark hours that God will bring us to the end of ourselves and cause us to seek Him like never before.  This has been my experience, I have never felt closer to God as I have in this dark period of my life.  I have found myself in Isaiah 6:8,9a "Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying: Who should I send, who will go for Us?" I said: "Here I am. Send me".  And He replied: "Go! Tell these people"... Through my life's tragedy and pain, God has drawn me closer to Himself and restored my desire to serve Him life never before.  I am now ready to answer God's very first call on my life.  Please join me as I go for Christ, taking missionary journeys to shre the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I will share with you my heart, my concerns, my joys as I step into uncharted territory.  God is calling me to share in my back yard, down the street, in my State, in other States, Nations and across the world.  Please keep me in your prayers, as I answer the question God asked thousands of years ago, yet it is still ringing in my ears today: "Who Will Go?" My answer is: "Lord, here am I. Send me!"


  1. I once heard a very special young lady say, if it had to happen it happen to us for a reason becuase God knew we could handle it. I might have quoted it wrong, but just wanted to say GOD is the author and finsher of our faith! I believe through everything that you and your family have been through, it was for a reason. God has been preparing you. You said you wanted to serve as a missionary. He heard you. He want you to experince things in life to open your eyes to a lot of things. He gave you happiness and sadness as well. He was preparing you to handle both emotions. I can only imagine how you have maintain through both emotions. You are a strong women of GOD and he is using you and your family to continue on in this race. I pray for you and your family and will continuue to pray for you and your girls! continue to walk in your calling...

    La Cresia

    1. Cre,

      You have a wonderful ability to encourage. Thank you so much, you give me strength and courage to continue. I know God is leading and I am determined to follow Him where ever He leads. So honored to have you on my team!!! You are awesome!