Monday, April 16, 2012

Can You Dig It?

I'm eager and excited to share what God has on my heart with the Women of the United Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.  On Saturday, April 28th they will host a Women's Conference, "Can You Dig It?" (Godliness from the Ground up).  Every day we plant seeds in our lives and the lives of others and there is continually a harvest.  What is your harvest?  Is your harvest Godly?  Is God manifesting is power, love, understanding, mercy and other attributes through you?  This is a wonderful time to show forth the mighty works of God in our lives, are we being effective and producing good fruit?

If you are in the Dallas, Texas area, please join us at the United Missionary Baptist Church, I will share my heart regarding my new book, Why You Hatin'?, which in itself reveals evidence of bad fruit.  On Sunday afternoon at United Missionary Baptist Church, I will be speaking on the Conference Topic.  I know God has wonderful blessings in store for everyone who attends.  Sieze this moment, mark your calendar and plan to be there, if you need more information and would like to join us, please call (951) 347-1284.  Registration is necessary for Saturday Morning, so be sure to get that information.  And if you are not in the area, please pray God's blessings on this weekend that lives will be changed and women recharged and restored to serve God like NEVER before!!!

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