Monday, February 6, 2012

Why You Hatin'? Still Moving!!!!

God has truly blessed my new book, "Why You Hatin'?", we had an awesome Book Signing Event in Dallas, TX there was a HUGE show up at the Greater St. James Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.  We awesome had a WONDERFUL turn out at Berean's Christian Stores in Riverside, CA.  The manager said that she was truly impressed with the turn out and response to the book.  We recently received word that there was only 1 book available at  Things are really moving for this book!!!! Glory to God!!!!  But if you would like to purchase a copy of my new book, you can purchase an autographed copy on this site!!!!  I am tremendously thankful for the move of God on this project, looking forward to great and mighty things in the name of the LORD!!!!!  Stay tuned for more information!!!!

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