Monday, March 26, 2012

I Can't Wait To Get On the Road Again

I'm excited, I'm about to leave again to promote my book, "Why You Hatin'?" in Dallas, Texas.  I will be speaking two times at the United Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas for their Women's Ministry Conference.  It is always a wonderful opportunity to share Christ with others and it gives me even more excitement to share the book that God has placed on my heart.

This has been a wonderful journey sharing the love of Christ with so many ladies and gentlement and God has so many wonderful things in store.  Next month, my first devotion will be published in Shabbach Magazine.   The devotion is titled: Thanks for the Crumbs!  In deed I'm thankful for every thing God grants me, at times things may seem small, but anything that God gives always has the opportunity to be bigger than you ever thought.  Take care and keep me in your prayers!!!

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