Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beauty Beyond Skin Deep

Recently I suffered with a serious leg injury, I fell off a ladder and broke my leg, which also led to surgery; then I was over medicated, which almost took my life. If that was not enough, when I was finally released from the hospital, each week I was overwhelmed with medical bills. I always trust in God to provide for me, so I knew God had a plan for me, but I definitely did not see relief at the time.

Then I received a call from a Mary Kay Sales Director, that I also knew as a friend and she began to encourage me to consider selling Mary Kay to off-set the expenses I had. I am a very busy person, so initially I was not very interested. but as I continued to think about the need to get a handle on these bills, the suggestion was looking pretty good. This beautiful woman, began to give me hope that even though I was in bed and very limited as far moving about, I could bring in soe income, moreover, she was willing to come from another State to help me get started. The next thing I knew I had purchased a Mary Kay kit and scheduled a party. Well I haven't had my first Mary Kay party yet, but this has been the beginning of so much more. Now I see more than just selling a few Mary Kay products, I see me getting up from another difficult moment in my life and "coming out strong".

As women, we desire to look our best and many times we concentrate on the outer appearance but the beauty shown by Mary Kay Sales Director, Charlyn Singleton on that day was much more than a surface beauty, it was an inner beauty that we all should strive to have, which will cause us to be beautiful inside and out. So I invite you on my new journey of Beauty, Beyond Skin Deep. I have faced some very difficult seasons and every time God has seen me through and I know this season God will cause me to see the beauty that He is developing in me, not just the ugly circumstances I find myself facing. Someone said today, "We have favor, even when our circumstances don't show it". There have been times when I could have been down for the count and God has always been faithful and showed me the direction in order to come out strong. I have come to another bump in the road, but once again, I will come out strong...More to come!!!

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