Monday, April 15, 2013

This week we will launch a new movement: "LET IT BE ME"!!! It has been a tremendous move on my heart to do all I can to stand up and fight against this major injustice in Human Trafficking.  When the Women's Worshipfest took on the mantle to raise the awareness of Human Trafficking in the United States, we found many people were not aware of Human Trafficking had trapped man young boys, girls, women and men, right here in the United States. Many people that we have encountered have shook their heads and uttered the words: "That's A Shame!"

But now we have several questions before us, who will shine a light on the Human Trafficking right in our back yard? Who will take a stand against this injustice that so many people face? Who will do all they can to help those suffering. I am ready to answer: "LET IT BE ME"!!! And I am asking everyone to join me and to do what they can.  You may not be able to do much, but we can all do something!

Join us, stand with us and get ready to help those need! In the history of our Nation there have been so many rights violated, so many injustices, yet there were always great leaders to rise, stand and become the voice for those who were able to do so on there own.  What we face today is a greater battle than any other slavery we have had in our history; there are 27 million people trapped in this Modern Day Slavery. Let's not stop the fight to they are free, won't you join us and say: Let It Be Me!!!!

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