Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11 days until the Book Launch: Why You Hatin'?

God placed this book on my heart for so many reasons! But in particualar He placed it on my heart for the Body of Christ! We have a great work to do and so often our work is hindered, by pettiness. Often we are not able to move forward because of hurts, mistreatment and just plain silly behavior. I found myself being hindered by people that simply hurt my feelings. I was caught up at times with pleasing people and forgetting that my number one priority should be to please Jesus. No matter how hard you try you will never be able to please everybody. So make it your goal to please Jesus and you'll come out all right. When I changed my focus and priority, I changed my life. Maya Angelou says: If you want something changed, change it. If you can't chang it, change your attitude! This has become my new philosphy, I'm trying to bring about change through this book, but first, I had to change my attitude. This book covers my transformation and how God led me to love beyond my hurts, mistreatment and my own silly behavior. We have been commissioned to reach the masses, but we can't do it, if we are not willing to exhibit the love of Christ. I challenge you to begin your own personal evaluation and ask yourself. Why You Hatin'?

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