Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My First Book: In the Shadow of the Steeple!

I have been so excited about the release of: "Why You Hatin'?" That I have neglected giving you information about my first book: In the Shadow of the Steeple!  In the Shadow of the Steeple is a semi-autobiographical encouragement for Pastors' family.  I wrote this book to encourage those in ministry and encountering struggles.  After my husband took his life, the Devil almost had me convinced to let this book go, but God impressed on my heart an even greater need for this book, so that people may know the hurts and pain, even if I had felt failure.  I pray that this book will help you whether you are a Pastor, a Pastor's wife, kid or just have a heart for your Pastor's family.  This book is always available to you at

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