Friday, March 1, 2013

And We're Off!!!

"WINGS" Community Summer Learning Program

We have launched our "Touch A Heart...Change A Life" Campaign and it is gaining momentum.  Since we have began the campaign we have already hosted the Tending to the Temple Project in San Bernardino, CA.  This was a Community Health and Wellness Day, totally free; breakfast and lunch was served; health screening was available; medical and fitness experts were in attendance offering very valuable information; there was also awesome learning programs for the chidren of the Community: Anti-bullying; Nutrition; fitness; the Art of Meditation to improve behavior.

We have begun planning efforts for helping those in Las Vegas, who are trapped in Human Trafficking; a steering committee has already been formed.  We will offer am awesome  Community Summer Learning Program for children called "Wings".  This program is just as the name says a Community Program, we will go into the neighborhood of Children in need, we will offer backyard programs and community center programs "FREE".  Participants will be evaluated and assessed by a teacher and begin a reading, math, science and library program.  Children will gain confidence in learning; as well as learning strategies to improve in these areas; ultimately soaring in their learning. Hence, the name  "Wings".  It is not too late to participate in our Touch A Heart...Change A Life Campaign, your contributions help us to continue offering these programs to the Community.  We are serving in various ways in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee. Our Wings Program is a Pilot Program in California.  Help us to empower children in education and equip them to try out their wings.

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